The blackbird plays but a boxwood flute

My name is Carolyn. Hailing from PDX, Orygun and staunchly opposed to Californians and umbrellas but strongly in favor of microbreweries and sleeping til 11.

I live with my husband, Lucas, and my tiny gray cat, Gertrude. I blog about comic book characters, feminism, hipster shit, and feelings. I'm so sorry

Hit me with your best shot!


New ink! It’s not quite finished, but you get the idea!

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    epic! Im getting that same quote and you are inspiring me :) Tamora Pierce inspired my tattoo
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    Just reblogging again because I’m vain and my artist is BRILLIANT
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    screech oh my god what a fucking beautiful tattoo, this has a shit ton of approval from me
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    Reblogging for Jessie, aka thepaladog. Reminded me of you.