The blackbird plays but a boxwood flute

My name is Carolyn, but my middle name is Joan of Arc so I go by Jo. I'm a twenty two year-old Vocal Performance/Theatre double major from Oregon, USA.

Big hearted. Liberal. Strangely religious. Pansexual. Socially awkward. Crazy as fuck. This is where I go when I need my headspace. Lately that's been quite a lot. I try to keep my crazy contained to here so I'm not as fucking nuts in the real world.

This blog is often NSFW. You have been warned. If you don't like tits, this is not the place to be.

Also I'm getting married soon and it's quickly become my entire life. So. Sorry not sorry.

People/Things I love too much (so if it's not your thing, be warned):
Glee. Harry Potter. AVPM/S. Starkid. Darren Criss. Broadway. Joan of Arc. Opera. Dianna Agron. Jane Austen. Theatre. Chris Colfer. Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The Beatles. Doctor Who. Tudor Era history. Eva Peron. David Tennant. My other half, referred to as L or B. Her url is themeaningofflying. Julie Andrews. Star Trek. Captain Janeway. Diana Damrau. Coffee. Coffee with B. R5. Riker Lynch. Matt Smith. Queer History. Queer current events. Politics (sometimes). Pretty Dresses. Rose Tyler. Bones. Medium. The Big Bang Theory. the Portland Trail Blazers. The Green Bay Packers. Shakespeare. Weddings. People watching. Lovely things.

Hit me with your best shot!


You’re always on Facebook at the same odd times of night as me, even during the week.


You are such a mystery to me. I can’t tell if you project a face or not. Sometimes I see a glimmer of something different shine through. You seem to smile easily. You’re always impeccably dressed and put together but you carry a beer stein of coffee everywhere and ride a long board. You are incredibly handsome. Your smile is dazzling. I’d really like it if you trusted me. It’s not just that I find you attractive, it’s that I’m drawn to you on a completely non-sexual and non-romantic level. Maybe I’m seeing things not there. But usually my instinct proves right with these things.

Let me in?

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